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Depending on our dynamic, I will want to bring different elements into our play.

With over 6yrs experience in professional BDSM, I am highly skilled, but not every situation demands the full exercise of these skills.

It’s up to you to communicate your own boundaries when it comes to any of the activities listed here.

  • Fantasy Roleplay > trans reveal fantasies, office, medical, gym; age and size play, incest, life-ruining, castration – the list goes on.
  • Foot and Heel Fetish > boots, stockings, joggers. Let me trample you, or caress you, with my perfectly manicured soles. Kiss them, choke on them.
  • Impact > corporal punishment, spanking, whipping, paddling, flogging, caning.
  • Needles > temporary piercings through the nipples, genitals, thighs, back.
  • Nipples > play, torture, pumping, squeezing, freezing, slapping.
  • Erotic Domination > high femme domination, worship, erototorture, oral, anal, hypnosis, obsession.

  • Submissive Training > lose your personality and become more useful under the force of my will. Includes service and slut training, endurance, empathy and posture.
  • Crossdressing / Sissification > from light to full transformation. I have excellent makeup skills and a growing wardrobe. Who will you become under my tutelage?
  • Consensual Nonconsent (CNC) > used and abused, you will be taken beyond all limits.
  • Bondage > leather, light rope, rubber, plastic, predicament bondage; your body and its parts will be constricted.
  • Anal Play > light explorations all the way to heavy fisting. I use a range of toys, and myself.
  • Cock and Ball Torture (CBT) > heavy, stretchy, stingy, punchy, kicky, crushy. I have lots of things to use on your most vulnerable place.
  • Golden Showers > see, feel, drink.
  • Sensory play > edging, tickling, teasing, caressing, scratching, hugging, sitting, pulling.

  • Sounding > mostly metal, always sterile.
  • Gags > rubber ball gags, spider gags, leather belts, tape and fabrics.
  • Sensory Deprivation > often combined with heavy bondage.
  • Cage > the bliss and terror of being kept.
  • Chastity > I will lock you up in session or demand that you arrive like this. The key is mine to do with what I wish.
  • Physical Humiliation > slapping, spitting, beatdowns, human furniture/sculpture, anything degrading and dehumanising.
  • Smothering > with my hand, with a pillow, with my ass.

I don’t offer:

Electro play, heavy breath play, heavy rubber, advanced medical (saline transfusions, catheters and the like), heavy blood play, heavy scat, heavy rope or traditional shibari, wrestling.

Anything I deem unsafe, uncomfortable or personally risky.

Some of this list is because I’m out of practice and don’t get requested enough to offer it safely. However, if I thought a submissive needed it, I would be open to refreshing some of those skills.

If you are a first-timer to BDSM, or to trans women, I am happy to suggest activities and take you through an introductory session.

The more you tell me about your experience and fantasies the better, as I have many interests.


I also offer mentoring sessions related to BDSM, gender presentation strategies and questions of identity. These sessions are grounded in my own experience as a provider and as a trans woman and are held in total discretion.