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*a real transgender goddess...

I am a classically-trained trans dominatrix, an incredibly rare combination of skills and sensibilities. An experience with me is like no other, not only because of my unique physical attributes, but because of my energy and my ability to take total control. I love getting to know new submissives, exploiting weaknesses and inclinations to unlock new territories of absolute exchange. There are many ways to do BDSM; however, I value connection above all else.


* fantasy roleplay
* feet, boots, heels and stockings
* consensual nonconsent
* erotic domination
* needles

Adelaide Asterix


I'm originally from Sydney, where I was trained by a range of experienced dominas at Mistress Ruben's Temple 22. Many of these formerly sessioned at the renowned Salon Kitty's and the Kastle. However, my BDSM journey started well before my training—I have always enjoyed taking control. Today, with over 6 years experience in BDSM across Australia, Europe and the UK, it's still one of my greatest pleasures to enter high-stakes power exchange.


I'm supple, 6 feet tall, with D cup breasts and a fully functioning 7-inch cock. I love to style my body in provocative looks that overwhelm the senses, and embody the femininity sought by so many BDSM aficionados: a seamless combination of the soft — and the hard. It's common that supplicants find themselves willing to do absolutely anything for me.


I love the interplay between hard and soft physical sensations, between complete care and unforgiving cruelty. I like having fun in my sessions, getting into your head, toying with your body and soul, and laughing while I do it. Kink is endlessly fascinating to me in the transformations it permits. It gives me a rush to hear the noises my submissives make, to watch pleasure and pain play across their faces. I love to be in control and to be worshipped as the Goddess I am.

Adelaide Asterix


My favourites

Fantasy Roleplay

Trans reveal fantasies, office, medical, gym; age and size play, incest, life-ruining, castration – the list goes on.

Foot and Heel Fetish

Boots, stockings, joggers. Let me trample you, or caress you, with my perfectly manicured soles. Kiss them, choke on them.


Corporal punishment, spanking, whipping, paddling, flogging, caning.


Temporary piercings through the nipples, genitals, thighs, back.


Play, torture, pumping, squeezing, freezing, slapping.

Erotic Domination

High femme domination, worship, erototorture, oral, anal, hypnosis, obsession.


Submissive Training

Lose your personality and become more useful under the force of my will. Includes service and slut training, endurance, empathy and posture.

Crossdressing / Sissification

From light to full transformation. I have excellent makeup skills and a growing wardrobe. Who will you become under my tutelage?

Consensual Nonconsent (CNC)

Used and abused, you will be taken beyond all limits.


Leather, light rope, rubber, plastic, predicament bondage; your body and its parts will be constricted.

Anal Play

Light explorations all the way to heavy fisting. I use a range of toys, and myself.

Cock and Ball Torture (CBT)

Heavy, stretchy, stingy, punchy, kicky, crushy. I have lots of things to use on your most vulnerable place.

Golden Showers

See, feel, drink.

Sensory play

Edging, tickling, teasing, caressing, scratching, hugging, sitting, pulling.



Mostly metal, always sterile.


Rubber ball gags, spider gags, leather belts, tape and fabrics.

Sensory Deprivation

Often combined with heavy bondage.


The bliss and terror of being kept.


I will lock you up in session or demand that you arrive like this. The key is mine to do with what I wish.

Physical Humiliation

Slapping, spitting, beatdowns, human furniture/sculpture, anything degrading and dehumanising.


With my hand, with a pillow, with my ass.

Adelaide Asterix


Electro play, heavy breath play, heavy rubber, advanced medical (saline transfusions, catheters and the like), heavy blood play, heavy scat, heavy rope or traditional shibari, wrestling. Anything I deem unsafe, uncomfortable or personally risky.

Some of these are listed because I’m out of practice and don’t get requested enough to offer them safely. However, if I thought a submissive needed it, I would be open to refreshing some of those skills.

*training + mentoring

I offer mentoring and training related to BDSM, gender presentation strategies and questions of identity. These meetings are grounded in my own experience as a provider and as a trans woman, and are of course held in absolute discretion.

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