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* Erotic domination
* Taboo roleplay
* Foot, boot, heel fetish
* Impact, corporal punishment
* Needles
* Worship, ritual

An experience with me is like no other, not only because of my unique physical attributes, but because of my ability to take total control.

As a classically trained Dominatrix, I have a range of skills that I can use to turn out both nervous newbies and seasoned supplicants.

I love getting to know new subs, figuring out the inner workings of perverted minds so that I can exploit particular weaknesses and explore new territories of absolute exchange.

There are many ways to do BDSM; however, I value connection above all else.


I love the interplay between hard and soft physical sensations, complete care and unforgiving cruelty.

I like having fun in my sessions. I enjoy getting into your head and seeing what needs adjustment, toying with you psychologically, and laughing while I do it. If you’re tied up and helpless—so much the better.

Bodies are endlessly fascinating to me, the things they can do and their reflexes. I’m very observant, and a true sadist.

It gives me a rush to hear the noises my submissives make in session, moans and expletives of pleasure and pain.

I specialise in erotic domination, hypnosis, CBT, corporal punishment, impact, foot fetish, roleplay and needles.

With the right submissive I am also open to trying new things.

Active TS Melbourne Dominatrix


I’m from Sydney, where I was trained by a range of experienced Dommes at Mistress Ruben’s Temple 22. many of these formerly sessioned at the renowned Salon Kitty’s.

However, my BDSM journey started before my training.

I’m an enthusiastic player privately and have always enjoyed taking control. Even when I was very young, men would instinctively supplicate themselves to me. this was before I had learned to shape and control my gifts.

Today, with over 5 years of BDSM experience across London, Melbourne and Berlin, it’s still one of my greatest pleasures to play within high-stakes power exchange.


I’m under no illusions what rare and valuable experiences I am capable of giving to my submissives.

At 6ft tall, blonde, D cup breasts and a supple physique, my body been described as Amazonian.

Such striking natural beauty in combination with the intrigue of being trans is often enough to literally floor those who come to see me.

I am physically the embodiment of the strong femininity sought by so many BDSM aficionados: a seamless combination of the soft – and hard.

My cock is 7 inches long, uncut and fully functioning.

It’s common that supplicants find themselves willing to do absolutely anything for me.

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