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*How to make the most of our time together

It's hard to say what makes a meeting memorable beyond a good connection. Sometimes things like handwritten cards and gifts such as those listed below can be memorable as gestures or keepsakes. If there's a particular interest of yours or mine that you want to highlight, then why not mention it or bring something related to it that we can enjoy together?

Of course bringing your full presence and curiosity (as I will be) is more than enough to take our meeting to the next level. It's no secret I love attention and worship. I'm also energised when you are being your authentic self and embodying your true desires.


A standard hour session begins from 300 EUR/GBP or 600 AUD.

Guaranteed extra for complex or heavy play, my cum, and activities that require a lot of materials or preparation.

I offer discounted rates for longer amounts of time, BDSM sessions with no erotic contact, as well as social dates and trips. Ask me for details.

Adelaide Asterix


*Flowers and plants - roses, proteas and other natives

*Drinks - champagne, single malt, red wine and tequila

*Gift Cards - Lucrezia and de Sade, Passionfruit, Selfridges, R and M Leathers, AusPost and Amazon gift cards, Craft Victoria.

*Items - chastity devices, electronics, submissive hoods, gags, anal toys and crossdressing attire

*Letters, poetry and artworks

*My current wishlist

*Tip me on Beem @assphodel or on OnlyFans.

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