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Do you do outcalls?

Yes, provided my transport is covered.

I'm a first timer to trans women and/or BDSM, where do we begin?

Tell me about the fantasies and feelings that have led you to me. From there I generally recommend that we connect in person or virtually and I guide you through an introductory experience. If things go well, we can explore more.

What I'm into is quite extreme, can I ask you about it?

If you're being respectful of my time and feelings then you can ask me anything. I'm extremely open-minded and it's usually not a big drama to let you know what I do and don't do.

Can I make an outfit request?

Of course.

How should I prepare for anal sex?

You don't have to douche, but it might make us both feel more comfortable. Numerous guides for this can be found online. You can purchase a douche or enema from a local adult store. Use it to squirt into yourself until the water coming out runs clear. My tip is to do this at least an hour before the play to give your stomach time to settle, and not to eat anything after.

What's your attitude to privacy?

I believe in privacy and go out of my way to make sure that anything that happens between us stays between us. I need to ask for certain information and take deposits for my personal security, so it's not in my interest at all to break this implicit contract. If you have specific privacy concerns I'm happy to make arrangements like messaging through specific encrypted apps, intermediaries and the like. My proton email is end-to-end encrypted, as are Telegram secret chats.

Do you get hard? Can you cum?

Yes and yes. But I'm not a robot, or a cartoon. I am on hormones, and my body is a woman's body. Read more about girldick here.

I'm worried about sexual health, what can we do to stay safe?

I take sexual health very seriously and expect everyone I play with to educate themselves on their respective risk factors. I expect you to get tested regularly, be vaccinated where possible and to be in control of your own sexual health, as ultimately that is what's going to keep everyone safe. Definitely consult your doctor and online resources if you have worries. You can also ask me, but why waste our precious time?

Can you visit my city?

I will happily shift my dates for you if it's somewhere I go already – I just need a confirmed time with a deposit. If you live somewhere I don't normally visit, then we can talk about Fly Me To You Options where you cover my airfares and a night or two's accommodation.

Do you play with others? Do you have any friends that can join us?

I love sessions like this, however they have to feel right to work well. I generally prefer to have a one-on-one with a new person before introducing other elements. I also reject any session where I am cast in a bull-like role: obviously, that's not for me. If you have a specific group situation in mind, just ask me.

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