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* Experimentation + play
* Seduction
* Taboo roleplay
* Deep connection
* Total release

Melbourne TS Escort in Fetish Latex

Whether you’re curious about trans women and looking to explore your sexuality, or think you might have a taste for BDSM but don’t want to start too heavy, I can help you with that. But I’m more than just your standard kinky TS Escort. I love connecting with new people, even more so when we can explore new territory together.

As a kinky companion I engage with you on an utterly sensual level, making you feel totally comfortable even in the presence of my notoriously distracting looks.

Anything that happens between us stays between us. With me you’ll find yourself enter realms of sensations you’ve only dreamt of. Anything naughty or taboo gets my blood rushing,

I’m a big believer in the idea that we can sometimes be most ourselves in our deepest fantasy state.

Intimacy is about more than just the physical. I’m fascinated with the ways that words, ideas and timing can turn us on as much as bodily sensations.

A whispered phrase, the fragrance of leather. the brush of my fingernails on the back of your neck… all of these things have an explosive erotic effect.

Figuring out what ‘gets’ you and then exploring that is all part of the fun.

My body is smooth, toned and flexible.

I have waist-length natural blonde hair, a sleek, supple waist and D cup breasts.

As a trans woman, I have a 7inch, uncut, and fully-functioning cock that can be found nestled in tight latex, leather or lace.

I’m not afraid to use it – but I don’t necessarily have to, to make you fall deeper.

My fetish wardrobe is extensive and I love to style my body in elaborate looks that overwhelm the senses.

I am a TS beauty that will blow your mind and open you up to a whole range of incredible experiences you never thought possible.

Melbourne TS







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