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*Custom content

My OnlyFans is a privileged insight into my private life. I also post videos and images exploring fetish and trans erotics. I gladly take requests and commissions for where I should go next. Sign up here.

*Virtual experiences

Bespoke online fetish experiences with a transgender Goddess have never been so easy. I am able to connect with you for virtual sessions, durational texting, phone calls and more.


Instructional Domination

I control you. What have you got at home, or in your office, and how am I going to make you use it? Everything from self-administered toys to domestic and public service tasks for me.

Storytelling / Erotic Literature

I describe to you in detail what I would do to you and how I would do it. I’m an expert at harnessing the power of words to realise taboo experiences in a way that will keep you craving.


Take a risk and send me your most exposed content: full nudes, confessions, humiliating kitchen crossdresser selfies… I promise not to tell your partner, or parents, or colleagues, unless…

Erotic Chat

Let’s delve into your deepest desires and darkest fantasies. If we were there together what exactly would we do? If you’re lucky you might even get a peek of the thing you want the most.

10-15 min · AUD 50
15-20 min · GBP/USD 50
Inclusive of phone and video calls or equivalent correspondence.

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