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Bespoke online fetish experiences have never been so easy. I am able to connect with you for virtual sessions, cam shows, durational texting, phone calls and more. Favourites include:

  • Instructional Domination – What have you got at home, or in your office, and how am I going to make you use it on yourself this time? Everything from self-administered toys to domestic and public service tasks for me.
  • Storytelling / Erotic Literature – I describe to you in detail what I would do to you and how I would do it. I’m an expert at harnessing the power of words to realise taboo of experiences in a way that you will keep coming back to.
  • Blackmail – Take a risk and send me your most exposed content: full nudes, confessions, humiliating kitchen crossdresser selfies… I promise not to tell your partner, or parents, or colleagues, unless…
  • Erotic Chat – Let’s delve into your deepest desires and darkest fantasies. If we were there together what exactly would we do? If you’re lucky you might even get a peek of the thing you want the most.

AUD 50 / 10-15 min

GBP or USD 50 / 15-20 min

Inclusive of phone calls, video calls or equivalent correspondence.

WhatsApp/Text +61478652031

Telegram @adelaideasterix

I make videos and images exploring the realms of fetish and trans erotics. I’m happy to take requests and suggestions for where I should go next.

Videos will be posted unless otherwise negotiated.

for an exclusive catalogue of my content:

Gifts are graciously received, especially when they are exactly what I like.

  • Flowers: roses, proteas and other natives
  • Plants: rare, strange and ferocious
  • Any kind of alcohol, but cheaper items will be used for cooking
  • Gift Cards: Lucrezia and de Sade, Passionfruit, R & M Leathers, Coco de Mer, AusPost gift cards, Craft Victoria
  • Items for use: chastity devices, electronics, submissive hoods, gags, anal toys and crossdressing attire
  • Letters, poetry and artworks


most garments



Of course the simplest and easiest way to connect with me is social media! Bonus points for liking and commenting.