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Melbourne TS Dominatrix and escort specialising in fetish, fantasy play, erotic exploration and sensual companionship. Because of this I am Not your average active TS Escort in Melbourne And I have many skills and talents you will be in awe of. Take the plunge and find out. so in this way your next adventure and ecstasy awaits you,

International TS Fetish Goddess

This site is 18+

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Welcome to my world

My name is Adelaide*

I’m a TS Dominatrix and kinky companion based between Berlin, London, Melbourne and Sydney.

I provide boutique fetish experiences that merge the perverted intelligence of a Domme and the mind-blowing eroticism of a Transgender Goddess.

How strict or sensual you want our time together is up to you— I engage you as an individual and customize our activities according to the meeting of our tastes and interests.

Follow the tabs above to find out more about me and my offerings.

Current location + tour dates below.

News + Tour dates

My Twitter feed widget is down at the moment. You can follow me for the latest @AdelaideAsterix

I’m also currently building a new website 🙂

Currently: Berlin

My next Australia dates will be in December.

Ask me about tours to your city or Fly Me To You options.


Hi Goddess Adelaide

Thank you for a wonderful session yesterday. Your treatments were indeed successful! Fitting me with that gorgeous leather hood got me into the head space very quickly. You understood my kinks very well, read my pain threshold perfectly and pushed me into fabulous new areas of intimacy that I very much enjoyed. I hope you enjoyed it too.

Mistress Adelaide is a highly addictive & dangerously sexy mix of Dominatrix & Trans Goddess! From the moment I set eyes on her I was hooked & being a novice our session was an amazing mix of pain & pleasure! I can’t wait to please her again soon & further explore where this Goddess takes me!

Adelaide Asterix is even more stunning in real life than her photos suggest.
A true Goddess!
In her designer lingerie, she is a sight to behold and will very quickly have you under her spell in sub space.
If you are respectful in your initial contact, you will probably find she will be generous with her time and will be attentive to requests to ensure the session runs the way you would like.
She is not a clock watcher and conducts a very erotic B&D session (which is precisely what I requested).
I am addicted and look forward to kneeling before her again.

Highly recommended.

Good Morning! Hope you’re well. I had a dream about you last night that got a little intense to say the least, even making me cum during my sleep😳 I can’t believe it. I’ve only seen you once in 2 years since you moved and I still seem to have some form of Adelaide PTSD… crazy. Thought you might want to know. 😂😳😂

Dear Mistress Adelaide,

I want to thanks you for all the pre session emails. You are very generous with your time and I really liked that.

I have seen many Mistresses over the years. And I really clicked with one but most of the rest I knew within a few minutes of a session that I would not see them again.
It could have been something very minor they said or the way they said it or something they did. Hard to articulate.

For me a Dom session is not just what happens in the session but more about what happens between my ears, the things I hear and what I see with my eyes.
What is said and how it is said. These little things I cannot instruct a Mistress on however you had a knack in providing these things in spades.

You are extremely sexy and had the perfect tone in your voice. 

The session was erotic and had the right amount of discipline.
Loved the smile.
Loved being told to “take some more for you”.
Loved being told I was “a good boy”.
Loved the build up to introducing me to your cock and the conversation surrounding that.

I’m back in London – first time since pre covid and it had me reminiscing over our first few meetings. Four years ago I came to you as a confused straight newbie fantasising over forced fem and forced Bi interaction. You took me in, guided me, gave me confidence and introduced me to feminisation and my first bi oral then anal experiences.. then covid came along and we were separated but the acceptance and understanding of my true sexual desires set me on a path I couldn’t have discovered on my own. Thanks to you I now regularly indulge my Bi sub desires and can now service other subs or men looking for a good obedient slutty sub… all thanks to the start I made with you Mistress.. until we meet again
– kisses Paulette

God that was amazing.

From the moment I walked through the door, your energy was incredible. Apart from your truly astonishing levels of beauty, just to watch the way you carry yourself was such a thrill. You move with the grace and elegance of an apex predator. But alongside that you have a softness and warmth that is so compelling. So watching the interplay between the two was breathtaking. I could have sat talking to you and watching that smile play across your face all night.

The play itself was electrifying and just what I needed. You really sensed that for me it’s all about the energy rather than a list of activities and I felt flooded by your presence at every second. I was experiencing levels of bliss that I have rarely felt, and just from surrendering to you and meeting your eyes. The activities, the time, everything seemed secondary to that.

I left feeling so utterly satisfied, thrilled to have met you, intrigued as to all the avenues that could be explored. Just saying thank you doesn’t begin to convey the depth of my gratitude. It takes a lot of effort and care to create a session dynamic and you absolutely nailed it. And you made it all seem so effortless. I’ve been so high off you since last night that thoughts of you have been all pervasive. I genuinely feel addicted already. And all I want is to take it further, past the point of no return, to the point of consensual non consent.

You’re an artist. Thank you again.

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